[jhc] What are these garbage-collectors?

Robert Clausecker fuzxxl at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 10:55:40 CET 2010

Hi guys!

Since a while I'm playing around with JHC and wanted to ask something
about the garbage collector(s). First, what is this "Boehm" thing? Is it
some other garbage collector written by somebody else? I can't run it on
my machine.

The other thing: When I compile this* program with GC enabled, the
output is random crap or it segfaults. What happens here? I should dig
into it deeper. Possibly someone can give my some adivise, I guess it's
mostly a matter of the arrays or something else.

Yours, Robert Clausecker

*: The program is available here: https://github.com/fuzxxl/BWInf in the
folder Aufgabe4.
Make shure to checkout the "performance" branch. I changed some stuff to
make it compile with JHC, and reverted it afterwards. Sorry, as this was
pure homework for some competition, I coded in German. I can try to
translate it, but maybe it's understandable as is. The program
calculates the expected result of some game or may play for n times.
Given no parameters, it will analyze, with "-n -c ###" it will play n
games. On GHC, it will run in constant space and 1000000 games are done
in about 6 seconds. JHC is much worse.

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