[jhc] what to work on next?

Rick R rick.richardson at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 14:56:24 EDT 2009

> I'll look into it, an issue is that I am looking for a GC I can use with
> the gcc backend. Other backends (such as cmm or jvm) come with their own
> garbage collectors, and although a native code generator would be neat,
> I wouldn't want to rely on one. In fact, rather than write a native code
> generator, I would likely want to write a standalone c-- compiler that I
> can bundle with jhc. In the end, grin is close enough to c-- that I
> don't think I lose anything in the translation.
>        John

Timber's only target at the moment is C.  So you can use it with gcc.

Let me see if I understand your intention for the long term correctly:
For native code jhc would emit C/C++ and use the native garbage collector.
For everything else it would emit c-- which would then get compiled to the
appropriate VM, utilizing that VM's GC?
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