[jhc] darcs patch: Explicitly use base-4 and syb package. (GHC 6.10 only?)

John Meacham john at repetae.net
Mon Jun 22 13:56:34 EDT 2009

Cool. thanks for the patches! 

Yeah, I am trying to maintain both ghc-6.8.x and 6.10.x compatibility.
however, I don't actually have a 6.10 system to test on so I have to
rely on bug reports. From what I hear, it is mainly the packages that
differ, so perhaps we can just maintain two PACKAGES lines in the
Makefile for now and comment out the one we don't need.

What was the specific thing that relied on base 4 out of curiosity?

I want to keep 6.8.2  around as that is what comes with the
distributions used for amazon ec2 instances. firing up a high-cpu
instance for regression testing of jhc is quite nice. 

For the curious, right now I am working on better (as in fully
transparent) cross-compilation support for jhc. there has been
signifigant interest in using jhc to compile apps for things like
iPhones. So you can expect something in a few days on that front.


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