[jhc] Optimization.

John Meacham john at repetae.net
Fri Feb 15 18:15:17 EST 2008

Actually what I really need to do to make issues like that maybe thing
from coming up is allow derived instances to happen at a place other
than where the type is delared. pulling in 'Read' to declare Bool just
doesn't work that well. and I don't like all these manually written
instances cluttering up the libraries..

perhaps a pragma.. like {-# DERIVE: Enum Bool #-}. or putting "deriving
'Read'" will just add a placeholder that will be expanded to a real
derivation when the read class comes into scope. though, that is sort of
hacky as I would have to fudge namespace resolution in deriving clauses.

do other compilers do something clever here? it looks like ghc does what
I do but with CPP tricks and basically writes out its own instances in


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