[jhc] JHC Newbie Questions

Robert Prije robreim at bobturf.org
Sun Aug 10 05:24:21 EDT 2008

Hi. I have a few newbie questions about JHC.

* When trying to 'make' JHC I get the following error:

/usr/bin/ghc  -fbang-patterns -O -ignore-package lang  -W 
-fno-warn-unused-matches  -fwarn-type-defaults -i -i./drift_processed 
-i./.  -i -odir  -hidir  -package mtl  -package unix -package QuickCheck 
-ignore-package lang -fallow-undecidable-instances  -fglasgow-exts 
-fallow-overlapping-instances --make Main.hs 
StringTable/StringTable_cbits.o  cbits/md5sum.o -o jhc
ghc-6.8.2: error: directory portion of "-hidir" does not exist (used 
with "-odir" option.)
make[1]: *** [jhc] Error 1

Is this a bug or is there something I should do differently? (sorry, I 
have a long history of avoiding learning make to any significant level)

* I saw mention by John that he'd gotten a successful binary to compile 
for the ARM architecture. Is this a cross-compilation? How would I go 
about getting it working?

* How close is JHC to being a production-ready compiler these days? What 
remains to get it working?


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