[jhc] darcs patch: Improve lambda/pi printing code

Samuel Bronson naesten at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 19:27:56 EDT 2008

Fri Apr 11 19:01:59 EDT 2008  Samuel Bronson <naesten at gmail.com>
  * Improve lambda/pi printing code
  Only only put as many lambda/pi abstractions on a line as will fit.
  Use sortKindLike to get the uppercase lambdas for type variables of
  kind other than *. (For instance, * -> *.)
  I had to make E.TypeCheck, E.Eval and E.Subst import E.Show with a {-#
  SOURCE #-} pragma before I could use sortKindLike. (I also had to
  write the .hs-boot file, of course).
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