[jhc] parse error FrontEnd/Representation.hs

Ganesh Narayan ganesh.narayan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 19:03:39 EDT 2007


I pulled jhc sources (jhc, doc, haskell98, QuickCheck) from darcs and tried
building jhc. But the build exits with the following error:

jhc$ make
ghc -O -ignore-package lang  -pgmF drift-ghc  -F -W
-fno-warn-unused-matches  -i. -iFrontEnd -package mtl  -package unix
-package QuickCheck -fwarn-type-defaults   -fallow-undecidable-instances
-fglasgow-exts -fallow-overlapping-instances  --make Main.hs -o jhc
. . .
/home/haskell/DrIFT/bin/DrIFT DerivingDrift/StandardRules.hs -o
/home/haskell/DrIFT/bin/DrIFT E/LambdaLift.hs -o
[ 60 of 162] Compiling Info.Binary[boot] ( Info/Binary.hs-boot, nothing )
[ 95 of 162] Compiling DataConstructors[boot] ( DataConstructors.hs-boot,
nothing )
[110 of 162] Compiling Representation   ( FrontEnd/Representation.hs,
FrontEnd/Representation.o )

FrontEnd/Representation.hs:350:8: parse error on input `instance'

am using 6.6.1 ghc, happy is 1.16 and DrIFT version is  2.2.3; would really
appreciate if you could let me know what went wrong.

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