[jhc] Jhc's tangled base

Samuel Bronson naesten at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 18:25:29 EDT 2007

Jhc's Prelude seems to be at the center of a giant tangle (SCC) of
modules. This tangle of modules takes a *lot* of resources to compile
-- I might possibly have gotten it to typecheck once. What's the plan
for dealing with it? It almost makes me like GHC's way :-(. It seems
like a lot of code would need to be moved to remove more than a couple
of modules from the SCC...

One problem is that the code to implement Read and Show pulls in
Numeric and the list functions currently in Prelude, which pull in a
whole bunch of other stuff... including Foreign.Marshal.Utils,
Foreign.Marshal.Alloc, Foreign.Ptr, and lots more...

Actually, I think the list functions from Prelude could escape the
tangle if Maybe didn't derive Read...

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