[Hugs-users] [hugs-users] ned some Hugs

Doug McIlroy doug at cs.dartmouth.edu
Sat Jul 7 02:55:59 UTC 2018

GHC plays fast and looose with the Haskell 2010 prelude. Two examples:

GHC drops Eq from the context of class Num.

GHC introduces class Applicative.

You will stumble over such discrepancies if you try to write or
read GHC code as if it were Haskell 2010.


>From simonpj at microsoft.com Fri Jul  6 10:46:41 2018

>  |  ghc/ghci. It's lightweight and its language is properly documented (in the
>  |  Haskell 98 report), neither of which can be said of ghc.

>  I  think that’s a little unfair to GHC 😊. If you don't give any language extension flags you get Haskell 98 -- or nowadays Haskell 2010. 

>  Simon

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