[Hugs-users] WinHugs extremely basic newbie question

Risto Rangel Kuoppa rrk at correo.azc.uam.mx
Thu Sep 6 08:13:46 EDT 2007

Hello everyone,

I am having troubles to start using WinHugs.  I downloaded it, installed,
and run it.  Yet I am unable to run something else than just evaluating
expressions.  For example, I am trying to define my first data type with:

Hugs> data Tipo = Cruz | Circulo deriving Eq

But all I get is:
ERROR - Syntax error in expression (unexpected keyword "data")

I think that I must load some module or library but when I make:

Hugs> :load "C:\\Program

I get:
ERROR file:.\Prelude.hs - Module "Hugs.Prelude" already loaded

And I cannot find any Data.hs (Does it actually exist?) anywhere.  Could
someone help me with this please? I have already spent several hours
trying to figure it out.  All I want is to start testing the tutorials and
learn Haskell but I am missing something to run them with WinHugs.

Thanks in advance,


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