[Hugs-users] Hugs on Macs

Dr. Peter R. Rüßmann peter.ruessmann at t-online.de
Sun Feb 11 13:07:47 EST 2007

Good evening,
I am pretty new in the Macs environment and my target is to install Hugs
Haskell on this system. I have done this on a test machine via Darwin
Ports following the descriptions found in the web.
Now my system administrator told me that this procedure is not suitable
for the productive system, because Darwin Ports allows uncontrolled
installation working out of the “usual rights context”. Therefore I have
some questions:
1) Is there a more suitable way to overcome the mentioned Darwin Ports
2) Did someone use Darwin Ports to install Hugs and solved the mentioned
difficulties (perhaps using the sudo command)?
Thanks for your help, Peter
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