[Hugs-users] Hugs Sep 2006 build issues

Bruce O'Neel haskell at pckswarms.ch
Tue Feb 6 07:20:56 EST 2007


I've recently started working with Haskell (a new years resolution to 
learn something new and different) and hugs seemed to be the best way to start.

I first installed the March 2005 version from the OpenBSD ports system, but,
that wasn't the latest so that had to change.

I first installed the Sep 2006 one on Solaris 8 and Linux (Fedora Core 1) and
found that I had to add -L/usr/X11R6/lib to the "X11" line in X11.cabal.  Once
that was done both of the builds seemed sucessful.

Then we started on the problem children all running OpenBSD.  OpenBSD was harder
for seemingly no coherent reason.  The procedure ended up being:

gmake  EXTRA_CONFIGURE_OPTS="--prefix=/home/edoneel/local-`uname -m` --enable-ffi --with-pthreads"

# Link things that didn't, for what ever reason, get built the first time.
ln ./libraries/bootlib/Foreign/C/Error.so hugsdir/packages/base/Foreign/C/
ln ./libraries/bootlib/Foreign/Marshal/*.so hugsdir/packages/base/Foreign/Marshal
ln ./libraries/bootlib/Foreign/Ptr.so  hugsdir/packages/base/Foreign/
ln ./libraries/bootlib/System/Posix/Internals.so hugsdir/packages/base/System/Posix/

# force the packages to be rebuilt
rm libraries/bootlib/.stamp 
rm -rf hugsdir/programs/

gmake  EXTRA_CONFIGURE_OPTS="--prefix=/home/edoneel/local-`uname -m` --enable-ffi --with-pthreads" 

The silly ln commands in the middle are becuase around line 149 of ./libraries/bootlib/Distribution/Simple/Hugs.hs it seems that there are 
no FFI libraries to compile.  Sadly I'm not knowledgeable enough to see 
the problem.

Anyway, after the above steps Hugs Sep 2006 runs on OpenBSD Sparc, Sparc64
and PPC and works very nicly.  OpenGL didn't build, but I don't need that
for now.

Cheers, and thanks for Hugs, it's quite nice.


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