[Hugs-users] No text output in WinHugs

Kevin Lindsey kevin at kevlindev.com
Thu Aug 11 15:16:17 EDT 2005

I suspect this is a total newbie question, so I wanted to check here before
going over to the Hugs-Bugs list. I've just installed hugs_SOE-Jan2005.msi
on a WinXP machine. When I enter an expression in WinHugs like following:
            putStr "Hello"
I get a blank line instead of the expected "Hello". I do get output from
commands like ":?", etc. I assume I need to change a setting somewhere, but
I haven't seen anything obvious yet. Please note that everything works fine
with Hugs (command prompt version) and WinHugs in hugs98-Nov2003-2.msi works
fine too. However, I'm starting to work through SOE, so, as I understand it,
I need to use the Jan2005 installer.
Thanks for any help with this,
P.S. Are there any archives of the Haskell lists?
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