[Hugs-users] Setting Search Path doesn't persist in WinHugs

Greg Ballinger gregb at netrox.net
Sat Apr 24 03:15:52 EDT 2004

I've made many attempts to add a directory to the search path using :set -P 
using different strings such as
  -P: {Home}/Haskell  and
-P;"C:\Documents and Settings\Greg\My Documents\Haskell"

All have worked during the current WInHugs session (Yes, I created the Home 
environment variable). When I look in the HKEY-CURRENT-USER registry, the 
information is saved in the option string:
-s -t -g -G -l -. +q -Q -w -k -o -O +u -I -T -A +R -H +98 -h250000 -p"%s> " 
-S".hs;.lhs" -E"C:\\Program Files\\UltraEdit\\UEDIT32.EXE" -c40

However, when I quit and restart WinHugs it only loads the default search path
  : -P.:{Hugs}/libraries:{Hugs}/oldlib:{Hugs}/libraries/win32

At this point I need to update the search path every time I start WinHugs. 
Does anyone have a helpful suggestion? I noticed some discussion back in 
2001 about how easy/dangerous it was to change the registry but apparently 
nothing related to my  particular issue. By the way my editor setting 
persists with no problem.

On a possibly related note, the documentation states that the installer 
sets options in the HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE but when I checked those registry 
entries all I found were placeholders with no values set.

Thank you for your assistance!

--Greg Ballinger

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