Parsec: GHC /= Hugs?

Sigbjorn Finne
Wed, 5 Mar 2003 07:37:11 -0800

"Ross Paterson" <> writes:

> [moving from haskell to hugs-users]
> On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 02:31:35PM +0100,
> > > Try the November release of Hugs with the +N option.
> >
> > Well, now Hugs and ghc show the same behaviour for my program:
> > they don't parse my doc, even with the same error.
> > But the +N does not work: it says
> > "New hierarchical libraries not found along search path; ignoring +N
> > toggle."
> I'm guessing that you're explicitly overriding the -P parameter.
> The trick here is to say ";newdir", so it adds your new directory
> to the standard ones (which are different between -N and +N).
> (I think -- I don't know about the Windows interface.)
> You want the search path to be something like
> {Hugs}\libraries;{Hugs}\oldlib;{Hugs}\lib\win32
> with any other directories added on the end.

That'll work just fine, but Hugs is now a bit more clever,
letting you use ":" as the path separator in path lists on Windows
platforms also.

Switching between old and new library worlds is made slightly
more complex on Windows platforms as options are persisted
to a user's Registry hive. So, to make sure you're starting with a
clean slate, invoke Hugs with

    hugs -P +N ...whatever else..

the empty -P option resets the search path settings back to "factory
defaults." (i.e., the above search path.)