Business proposal
Sat, 23 Aug 2003 19:17:34 +0200

Dear Sir, 

I regret any initial embarrasement this might cause 
you as we have not corresponded before. I approach you 
most honourably and sincerely to propose to you a 
business partnership of mutual benefit and interest. 

I got your e mail address from the net work online 

In brief introduction, my name is Kenneth Mobuku Sankoh, a 
Sierra-Leonean and the son to Corporal FODAY SANKOH, dead 29 jul 2003 (may his soul rest in peace)
who was the leader of the Revolutionary United Front 
of Sierra-Leone (RUF) and formerly the Director of 

My father was arrested and detained by the civilian government of President 
Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, for the role he played during 
the regime of major Paul Koromah, which resulted to 
war. On the night of my fatherīs arrest, he 
instructed me to move out of the country without 
delay, with the sum of US$ 15M (15 Million 
US Dollars) contained in a sealed trunk box. 

I fled out of our country in the company of my mother 
through the coastal river and arrived in 
Abidjan-IvoryCoast, where I deposited the box in a 
Security Company as containing family treasure forsafe 
keeping and i remain there under refugee status.

I have interest in your country and would want to go 
into partnership venture with you. I am 
asking for your assitance to help us claim the 
money and secure it for onward investment and to 
make residence arrangement for me this money is right now in Madrid, Spain

I have the consent of my family and we have agreed 
to give you 15% of the total amount, including 15% 
share from the profits which the money will generate 
from any future investment. The existence of this 
fortune which I have revealed to you is authentic 
and confidential and there is no risk involved in 
the cause of retreiving it back from the Security 

It has been transfered and it is currently in the 
custody of a security company in Spain. 

for now you should kindly reach me via email to enable me give you 
further details and also a fax number to fax you all relevant documents 
covering the deposit of the trunk box and the name and contacts of the 
Security company 

Accept my sincere regards 
while hoping to hear from you.Please reach me through 
the above e_mail. 

God bless you