Unicode support in Hugs - alpha-patch available

Mark P Jones mpj@cse.ogi.edu
Tue, 19 Aug 2003 00:21:48 -0700

Hi Dimitry,

| Anyone interested in Unicode support in Hugs (what it lacks so far)
| please check out this URL:
| http://www.golubovsky.org/software/hugs-patch/article.html

Thanks for posting this.  I notice from your comments that you
were trying to figure out how Hugs works from the C code alone.
For many purposes, you and others trying to do similar things
might find that the report I wrote about the implementation of
Gofer (from which Hugs was derived) still contains many relevant
tidbits of information that might make some things easier to
understand.  You can find it online at:


You might also find it interesting for its historical perspective.
For example, it might explain some of the design decisions that
made sense back then but seem harder to justify today (such as the
lack of support for Unicode, which barely existed back then ...)

All the best,