Fri, 15 Aug 2003 23:18:38 +0200


 Greetings,I am Bennard William VAYE {A
 Liberian}who has just
 gotten off the hands of Rebels fighting against the
 regime of President Charles Taylor. My Father who
 was then a minister in the Cabinet of President
 Taylor was 
his confidant in matter of diamond trade between the
Sierra Leone 
 authorities, and they usually smuggled them out
 through my country, Liberia 
 with the help of PresidentTaylor and my father, who
 was killed  
 by the Rebels about ten days ago.

 On the intervension of President Obasanjo, we were
 released and presently staying in a refugee camp in
 Ghana.Before my father's death, he notify me of a
 amount he hurriedly deposited with a Security
 here in Ghana[during the war].He gave me the
 and Authority to claim the Consignment from the
 Company.The amount involve in the Consignmemt is
 $31.5m[Thirty one, million Five Hundred Thousand US
 Dollars] as well as some quantity of gold and
 He lodged it with the Company as Jeweleries.

 I got your contact,from an expartirate friend here
 in Ghana,
 who visited the refugee camp here, and 
 normally travels on Business to your Country.I told
 him of my need for a foriegn Partner and my
 to invest in Europe,Asia or USA.He told me of how
 reliable and trustworthy you are.This is how far he
 knows of my intensions.

 The Security Company is prepared to help me carry my
 consignment[Money] out of Africa.This Security
 Officials,do travel Abroad on official assignment
 with Diplomatic Immunity.I want you to assist me and
 my Partner to help me receive the Consignment over
 and keep in a safe place.You will then send me a
 letter of 
 Invitation,in other for me to get my Visa to join
 you up.

I am also interested in buying a house as I will be
 coming to settle down there with my familly and you
 shall advice me on a profitable Business in
  For your assistant I'm prepared to compensate you
 10% of the money,5% will be set aside for Extra
 expenditure,during the cause of this
the rest will be for my investment.

 Please let me know your intension immedaitely by
 mail, as I do not have a phone yet.

 NOTE:please treat this as Confidential,as I have not
told anybody except you even the friend who gave me
 contact, and no one knows that I am here in Ghana,
 for security reasons.

 Waiting to hear from you, as I am afraid of the
 horrors in 
 my country and this part of the world.
 Yours Truly,

 Bennard  Molanbo  Vaye( In Distress)