Dr Tony Eromo. drteromo@katamail.com
Tue, 5 Aug 2003 21:56:46 +0200

Dear Sir=2C 
I am a member of a contract award and review committee =2EA contract already executed by a foreign firm in Africa in 1999 was over invoiced by us to the tune of $8=2C600=2C000=2E00 =28Eight million six hundred thousand United states dollars=29=2E 
 In the light of the above=2C I ask for your assistance in the transfer of this excess floating fund in a suspence account into a foreign account you may wish to provide=2C for it was a category =22A=22 contract=2C =28strictly reserved for foreign contractors=29 this informed my request=2C and also that I am forbidden by my government to run any foreign account=2E 
After the sucessful transfer=2C 20% of the total sum will go to you for your assistance=2E 5% of the total sum will be set aside to compensate for any incidental expenses incured by both parties=2E 
More details will be given in the course of correspondence=2E 
Your confidentiality is highly required since I am still in active service =2E 
Thank you for your anticipated co-operation=2E 
Dr Tony Eromo=2E 

You can contact me on my home email on=2E