Finalizer problems..

Alastair Reid
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 09:09:28 -0700

> Didn't ghc 4.08-1 just come out in the last couple of months or so? Maybe
> there have been some bug fixes that deal with this. Of course, maybe not.

I think Simon Marlow is very well placed to be able to comment on whether GHC
has the problems Claus reported and whether they're just minor bugs or (and
this is how I read his email) fundamental to the way GHC is implemented.  (See
the hall of fame in the GHC web pages for reasons to believe this but don't
believe the photo on his home page - he doesn't look so glaikit in person.)

Alastair Reid

ps ghc 4.08-1 has a major bug in the finalizers which makes it unusable for
people who need finalizers, the foreign function interface, etc.  (There is a
fix in the CVS repository but you have to build GHC yourself from source to be
able to use it.)