Feb 2001 MSI available

Christopher Sharpe ctsharpe@earthlink.net
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 13:42:39 -0500


Thanks to 

	Sigbjorn Finne 

for making Hugs so easy to install on Windows.

It would be great if  O'Hugs


were so easy. Acutally installing O'Hugs itself is straightforward, but
O'Hugs has examples using the associated Tcl extension called Tix, whose
homepage is


I don't have a compiler, so would like to find binaries for Tix which
will work with Tcl 8.3, which is what O'Hugs seems to need.

I downloaded the following from



and the "readme" file in the latter says

"The files contained in this package:

	Tix binaries compiled for Tcl 7.6 using BC++ 4.52

	Tix binaries compiled for Tcl 8.0b2 using BC++ 4.52

	>> Do not mix these files with a wish.exe from Tcl8.0b1    <<
	>> wish. You must install tcl8.0b2 on your machine first   <<
	>> before using these binaries.				   <<

Am I out of luck unless I get a compiler?

Thanks for your help,

Christopher Sharpe