Using hugs

Alastair Reid
Fri, 27 Oct 2000 12:45:35 -0600

> I have just downloaded the hugs [...]
> The problem is that I don,t really how to make full use of the graphical
> capabilities. Would you please
> sent me some information concerning this matter.

You could try my graphics library ( which is
used in Paul Hudak's textbook (  Code from Paul
Hudak's book is included in the current distribution of the graphics library
(in the demo directory).

My library has fairly limited scope: it is mostly targeted at static
pictures with a little support for animations and interactive drawing
applications and absolutely no support for GUIs.  This restriction makes the
library simpler to understand - but may not be what you want.  (I'm trying
to improve support for animations, rubber-banding, etc. in response to a
recent query but GUI support isn't likely to appear anytime soon.) ( lists some other libraries you
might use: several GUI libraries, a GIF library, OpenGL bindings, etc.

Hope this helps,

Alastair Reid