Hugs and Mac and GUI

Hans Aberg
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 11:02:05 +0100

At 15.28 -0800 0-11-11, Frank Seaton Taylor wrote:
>I've been looking for a way to have Hugs on a Mac use a GUI toolkit like
>Tcl/Tk. I prowled through the various GUI libraries listed under the
>Libraries and Tools For Haskell page under and found none
>that supported Hugs on a Mac. Did I miss something or am I out of luck?

The Hugs port that I and Pablo have done is from the point of view of GUI
very no-frills, and does not support any such things:

The problem is that such programming is very time-consuming, and we would
need somebody that has the time and interest specializing in such
programming. (I do not myself even know exactly what Tcl/Tk is, even though
I have seen the name showing up here and there in the posts.)

In addition, the new MacOS X is coming along, aleady existing in a beta
version with GCC available. There appears to be no point in doing any more
development for pre-MacOS X, and in addition, the development will probably
focus on Hugs STG/GHC.

If you want to experiment with GCC under MacOS X, here are some docs:

  Hans Aberg