Using hugs

Christopher Sharpe
Thu, 02 Nov 2000 00:47:04 -0500

> I have just downloaded the hugs [...]
> The problem is that I don,t really how to make full use of the graphical
> capabilities. Would you please
> sent me some information concerning this matter.


 you will find a link to TclHaskell, which has a GUI and is easy to use.

Here, for example, is a short program which opens up a window:

	let f = do {w <- window []} in start f

and here another, which stores the title for the window in a mutable

	let f = do {ref <- newState "how to use state";valueOfRef <- readState
ref;w <- window [];title w valueOfRef} in start f

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who uses TclHaskell.