[HOpenGL] ghci + glut + osx broken?

David Duke djd at comp.leeds.ac.uk
Sun Jul 26 13:25:53 EDT 2009

Conal Elliott wrote:
> When I run a glut progam in os x under ghci, I get strange behavior, 
> including a blank white title bar (no red/orange/green buttons and no 
> title). If I compile with ghc --make and run, i get a normal title bar.
> Asking on #haskell today [1], I hear that glut and ghci don't get 
> along on os x.
> What's known about this problem?  Is it fixable?  I get a lot of value 
> out of having a REPL, so I hope there's a solution.

This sounds like the problem due to ghci not running as a Mac App.  If 
it is, the solution *used* to be to use the "EnableGUI" module and fix 
described on the SOE page http://www.haskell.org/soe/software1.htm; 
using this, I was able to run glut programs from ghci under OSX.

However, I've just tried running a program that uses Glut from ghci, and 
even with the EnableGUI module, I now also get the behaviour that Conal 
describes.   I upgraded my version of HOpenGL and Glut around two months 
ago, so wonder if something has changed?


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