[HOpenGL] Pure, garbage-collected graphics resources

Sam Martin sam.martin at geomerics.com
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Thanks, I've dug out the paper. It's very interesting. You are trying to
solve a slightly different problem to the one I had in mind (the focus
on handling extremely large data sets), but it's definitely along
similar lines. I haven't absorbed it all yet and will read on.


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Sam Martin wrote:
> I've been thinking about something similar for a while, and am toying 
> with the idea of building the rendering pipeline as a typed 
> expression. It's all very hand-wavey thoughts at the moment, but I 
> reckon it's possible to define a function that describes the pipeline 
> you want to establish and then 'compile' that expression into an 
> executable object.

We've been working on this approach at Leeds.  Last year we submitted an

entry to the IEEE Visualization contest using a rendering framework 
where you create something akin to a scene graph as a data structure.  
Interfacing with OpenGL is done behind the scenes, including traversing 
the tree to render, and to respond to events.  See our paper in PADL'09 
- source code at www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/funvis/.

We're currently extending this in two directions.  One is better support

for writing embedded interactors, which transform a tree in response to 
an event.  We now have a nice parallel coordinates example with 
interactive brushing of the axes embedded directly into the scene, hope 
to put up on the web at some point.   The other ...
>  It's equivalent to defining the graph of the pipeline and compiling 
> that into an executable sequence.
... is essentially that, though for vis pipelines rather than just 
graphics.    Not yet at a point where we could answer Conal's questions,

but also working towards it.


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