[HOpenGL] vertexAttribPointer undefined?

Sven Panne Sven.Panne at aedion.de
Sat Jul 18 09:09:51 EDT 2009

Am Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009 23:10:35 schrieb Conal Elliott:
> I found this code in Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.GL.VertexArrays in the
> OpenGL package, version
> vertexAttribPointer :: AttribLocation -> StateVar (IntegerHandling,
> VertexArrayDescriptor a)
> vertexAttribPointer location = undefined
>    makeStateVar (getVertexAttribPointer_ location)
> (setVertexAttribPointer location)
> Is that "undefined" intentional?  When I remove "undefined", it works fine.

Ooops, embarrassing... The "undefined" is of course wrong, it's simply a 
remnant from the time when I designed that part of the API. Well spotted! I 
should really commit a Haskell version of e.g.


to test those relatively new parts of the code. I'm not completely happy with 
the Haskell API for specifying generic vertex attributes and their associated 
arrays, but that part of the underlying OpenGL C API is really a mess, too, 
and it would definitely look different if it was designed from scratch by the 
ARB. If somebody has a proposal to improve the Haskell API, I'd be happy to 
discuss it and change things.

I'm planning to release a new version of the OpenGL package soon, which will 
contain the fix plus a few other things.

Thanks for the bug report,

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