[Haskell] 2 PostDoc Positions at Imperial College London on Session Types

David Castro david.castro.dcp at gmail.com
Fri May 25 10:32:23 UTC 2018

Imperial College London has two open positions on session types and
programming languages (see details below). If you have any questions,
do not hesitate to contact Prof. Nobuko Yoshida  on
n.yoshida at imperial.ic.ac.uk.


Department of Computing, Imperial College London

Two Research Associate Positions (Post-doc, Full Time)
32,380 GBP to 44,220 GBP per annum

Starting date: as soon as possible
Ending date: 19 May 2020

Closing Date: 30th June 2018

Professor Nobuko Yoshida, Imperial College London

The post is funded by EPSRC, the UK science funding agency and the
titles of the project is "From Data Types to Session Types: A Basis
for Concurrency and Distribution".

The goal is to further develop the theory and practice of session
types for structuring concurrent and distributed software.

The project has particular emphasis on putting theory into practice,
by embedding session types in a range of programming languages and
applying them to case studies; or developing the links between
session types and other areas of theoretical computer science. The
research programme includes collaboration with several companies and
organisations: Amazon, Red Hat, Cognizant, Estafet, Weaveworks and
JP Morgan.

The focus of Imperial College London Group is theories and
applications of (Multiparty) Session Types (JACM,POPL'08),
which include:

-- Go (ICSE'18, POPL'17, CC'16), F# (CC'18), Scala (ECOOP'17,ECOOP'16),
Erlang (CC'17), Haskell (POPL'16), Java (FASE'16,FASE'17),
MPI (OOPSLA'15,CC'15), C (FPL'16) and Python (FOAC,LMCS,FMSD); or

-- linear logic (ESOP'18,FoSSaCs'18,CONCUR'15), automata theories
(POPL'15,CONCUR'15,TACAS'16,FoSSaCs'17), ICC (LICS'18), bisimualtions
(CONCUR'15,ESOP'16) and other foundations such as event
structures and game semantics.

-- mechanisations of session types meta-theory (Coq, Isabelle, Agda, etc)

For more details, see http://mrg.doc.ic.ac.uk

Candidates for the post-doc position will need to have expertise in

1. programming language design and implementation; or
2. formal semantics, type theory and concurrency theory

Different positions will be suitable for different points on the
theory/practice spectrum. We are especially interested in
candidates with a combination of theoretical and practical skills.

The contact person is

Professor Nobuko Yoshida, Imperial College London
(N.Yoshida at imperial.ac.uk)

Details: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/jobs/description/ENG00367/research-assistant-research-associate/

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