[Haskell] BX2014: Call for participation

Soichiro Hidaka hidaka at nii.ac.jp
Tue Mar 18 11:30:14 UTC 2014

Third International Workshop on Bidirectional Transformations (BX 2014)
Friday March 28th, 2014
Athens, Greece
co-located with EDBT/ICDT 2014

Workshop information: http://bx-community.wikidot.com/bx2014:home
Online Proceedings: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1133/#bx

Online registration is open until March 20th at
On-site registration is also available during the conference 
(at a higher rate).


Bidirectional transformations (bx) are a mechanism for maintaining the
consistency of at least two related sources of information. Such
sources can be relational data, software models, documents, graphs,
trees, and so on. BX are an emerging topic in a wide range of research
areas with prominent presence at top conferences in different
fields. However, much of the research in bx tends to get limited
exposure outside of a single field of study.  The purpose of this
workshop series is not only to further research into bx, but to
promote cross-disciplinary research and awareness in the area.

Workshop program

08:45-09:00 Opening Remarks: James Terwilliger

09:00-10:40 Session 1: Types, Transformations, and Benchmark
Implementing a Bidirectional Model Transformation Language as an Internal DSL in Scala
Arif Wider

Towards a framework for multi-directional model transformations
Nuno Macedo, Alcino Cunha, Hugo Pacheco

Formalizing Semantic Bidirectionalization with Dependent Types
Helmut Grohne, Andres Löh, and Janis Voigtländer

09:45-10:00 Group discussion

Anthony Anjorin, Manuel Alcino Cunha, Holger Giese, Frank Hermann, Arend Rensink, and Andy Schürr

Towards a Repository of Bx Examples 
James Cheney, Jeremy Gibbons, James McKinna, and Perdita Stevens

10:30-10:40 Group discussion
10:40-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 	Session 2: Databases, Monads, and Lenses
Intersection Schemas as a Dataspace Integration Technique
Richard Brownlow and Alex Poulovassilis

Bidirectional Transformations in Database Evolution: A Case Study "At Scale"
Mathieu Beine, Nicolas Hames, Jens Weber, and Anthony Cleve

11:30-11:40 Group discussion

Entangled State Monads
Faris Abou-Saleh, James Cheney, Jeremy Gibbons, James McKinna, and Perdita Stevens

Spans of Lenses
Michael Johnson and Robert Rosebrugh

12:10-12:30 Group discussion and closing

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