[Haskell] Internship at Facebook London working on Haxl

Simon Marlow marlowsd at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 13:40:01 UTC 2013

We have an opening for an internship at Facebook London in 2014, working 
on the Haxl project.  Our project is a mix of language/DSL design, 
tools, and systems programming, written in a combination of Haskell and 
C++.  We’re looking for a candidate who will be able to explore some of 
the open problems with a view to producing a research publication.

The ideal candidate:

  - Is a PhD student, preferably towards the end of their PhD.

  - Has a deep understanding of Haskell, and is not scared of C++.

  - Has research experience in a relevant area: systems programming with
    Haskell, or language and DSL design, for example.

  - Is fired up by the idea of solving interesting problems at scale.

Timing: we are flexible on timing, the available start dates are Jan 
6th, May 27th, July 7th, and September 2nd.  Internships last 12 weeks.

Any questions feel free to email me directly.  To apply, please get in 
touch with Ruth McIntyre (ruth at fb.com).


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