[Haskell] Haskell and Pandoc "Let's Code"-Style Video

Bob Hutchison hutch-lists at recursive.ca
Wed Jan 9 13:48:31 CET 2013

Hi Chris,

Thanks for that video, I'm looking forward to any more that you might do.

Seeing your workflow is a very important aspect to your video, especially for newcomers trying to learn Haskell on their own. A brief overview of your tooling would be nice.

Unfortunately, I shaved a yak very well, possibly more than once, while improving my PS1 prompt. Starting with duplicating your $? display but not stopping there… oh no, couldn't stop at just that :-)


On 2013-01-07, at 6:50 PM, Chris Forno <jekor at jekor.com> wrote:

> I've just uploaded a video walking through 
> some of the source code for Pandoc. I plan to 
> create more videos like it (on Pandoc and other 
> open source/free software projects), and I'd 
> appreciate your feedback.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?
> v=FEFETKhhq8w&feature=youtube_gdata_play
> er
> I think Haskell is particularly well-suited for this 
> type of study:
> - The code tends to be concise, and parts can 
> usually be analyzed in isolation thanks to 
> explicit state.
> - Even after 10 years of exposure to Haskell I 
> feel like I still have much to learn about 
> idiomatic style from the writings of others.
> - I've run across the same misconceptions 
> about Haskell in the professional world (and 
> had some myself in the beginning), and would 
> like more people to see what Haskell really is 
> like outside of papers and blog posts.
> Please let me know if there are other projects 
> you'd like to see me cover. Thanks.
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