[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: The Algebra of Algebraic Data Types @ London Haskell user group (28-Nov-12)

Derek Wright derek at obvious.co.uk
Fri Nov 23 12:30:19 CET 2012

The London Haskell user group has a talk next week:

The Algebra of Algebraic Data Types

Speaker: Chris Taylor

Haskell's types are "algebraic data types". But what's so 'algebraic' 
about algebraic types? This talk explains what types have to do with 
algebra, starting with counting and type equations (Maybe x = 1 + x) and 
maybe getting as far as the calculus of types, divided types and what 
the hell it means to take the exponential of a type. No assumptions on 
any maths background beyond what you learned at school.

Wednesday 28-Nov-2012 6-30pm
City University, College Building, St John Street, London. EC1V 4PB


Link on Reddit: http://redd.it/13nry4

The talk will be followed by a discussion of a potential London Haskell 
coding project:


Other news, the video <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3q8xYFDYLeI>, code 
and slides 
from the last meeting (Why Do Matter Matter?) have been uploaded.

Video = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3q8xYFDYLeI

Code = 

PDF with animations (for on-screen viewing) = 
PDF (with most of the animations removed for printing)  = 
PowerPoint Presentation (with all the animations!) = 

to see you there.

Yours, Derek.

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