[Haskell] PhD and postdoc positions in regular expressions and types

Fritz Henglein henglein at diku.dk
Tue Mar 13 17:05:23 CET 2012

Two PhD and postdoc positions are available at DIKU, the Department of
Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen, in the Project *Kleene
Meets Church (KMC): Regular Expressions and Types*.

The overall objective of KMC is to investigate the type-theoretical
foundations for the prevalent use of regular expressions (and related
grammars) for extracting information from an input, not just classifying it
into accepting/nonaccepting; to explore and demonstrate guaranteed safety
and expressiveness of programming with regular expressions as types; and to
drastically improve semantic predictability and computational scalability
vis a vis commonly used regular expression processing tools such as Perl.

Application deadline: *March 31st, 2012*.
For information on the positions and application requirements, please see
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