[Haskell] JustHub 'Sherkin' Release

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Thu Jun 14 13:29:02 CEST 2012

Hi Tim.

 >> Nix can install such Haskell environments on all Linux variants and
 >> on MacOS X without requiring superuser privileges.
 > Is this actually the case?


 > When I tried this a year or so ago I had lots of problems with Redhat
 > Enterprise Linux 5, due to issues with it's quite old libc and kernel
 > in that distribution.

CentOS used to ship patched kernels that break modern versions of glibc. I'm
not sure whether that problem still exists today, but if it does, then it
can be worked around by having Nix build things with an sufficiently old
glibc. I used to do that for quite a while, but fortunately I got rid of
these ancient installations, so I haven't tried it recently. Anyway, if
you're having trouble using Nix, you're welcome to contact me by e-mail
(or the nix developers mailing list). Maybe we can sort these problems out.

Take care,

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