[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: Pup-Events-1.0

Dan wilsonhardrock at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 18:12:43 CEST 2012

Hello! This is my first release on Hackage and haskell at . So without further
ado, here we go!

Pup-Events is a collection of modules I initially created to help aid me in
game development. It's main purpose is to facilitate the sending,
receiving, creation, and handling of events in networked, third-party
programs. It consists of the following packages:

 * Pup-Events-Client: The client facing code, contains the PupEventsClient
module. You spawn a bunch of these and connect them to Pup-Events-Server
 * Pup-Events-Server: The server code, you'd only have one of these. This
contains the PupEventsServer module.
 * Pup-Events-PQueue: A small priority queue implementation I made. The
Client and Server use this when sending events. Contains the
PupEventsPQueue module.

In addition there's also a package "Pup-Events-Demo" which contains a small
demo application I wrote in OpenGL to show off the framework. It's designed
to be an example of what you can do with Pup-Events.

You can pull all of the Pup-Events modules (not including the demo) by
installing Pup-Events, which is a meta-package to pull in the Client,
Server, and PQueue modules.

Hopefully everyone enjoys it! I've certainly found it useful.

Daniel Wilson

~~ Whatever happens, the sun's still gonna come up tomorrow ~~
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