[Haskell] ANNOUNCE multiarg - parser combinators for command line parsing

Omari Norman omari at smileystation.com
Sun Jan 29 05:34:13 CET 2012

multiarg is a parser combinator library to build command line parsers.
With it you can easily create parsers with options that take more than
one option argument--for example, I created multiarg due to the apparent
lack of such ability amongst other parsers. Its basic design is loosely
inspired by Parsec.

Provides ParserT, a monad you use to build parsers. ParserT is a monad
transformer, so you can layer it on top of other monads. For instance
you could layer it on the IO monad so that your parser can perform IO.

It also has a simple, pre-built parser built with the underlying
combinators, which works for many situtations and shields you from the
underlying complexity if you don't need it. 

Any feedback you might have is much appreciated. You can email or fork
it on github. The Haddock comments are extensive so those should be able
to get you started.

multiarg on Hackage:


multiarg's git repository:


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