[Haskell] Haskell consultants needed in NYC

Ryan Trinkle ryan at skedge.me
Thu Aug 30 22:06:03 CEST 2012

SkedgeMe LLC is seeking Haskellers in the New York City area for a 6-month

The project is to build a web service in the enterprise scheduling market.
 The service will be built primarily using Haskell, with Javascript and a
variety of other technologies.

Contractors will be expected to work full time, primarily at SkedgeMe's
headquarters at 58th St. and Madison Ave., New York City.  Hourly rates
will be competitive and based on the candidate's level of skill and

Candidates must have a solid understanding of Haskell.  Experience with
other relevant technologies (especially web platforms, databases, and
calendaring standards) is a plus and should be noted in the candidate's

Please send applications to ryan at skedge.me.  Applications should include a
resume, cover letter, and a brief code sample or references to open-source
code available online.
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