[Haskell] [JOB] Functional Programming at Jane Street

Yaron Minsky yminsky at janestreet.com
Wed Oct 26 04:10:46 CEST 2011

Jane Street is looking to hire functional programmers for our offices
in New York, London and Hong Kong.  We're looking for both interns for
this upcoming summer as well as full-time hires.  

Jane Street is a strong believer in statically typed functional
programming and has probably the largest team of functional
programmers in any industrial setting.  OCaml is our language of
choice, but we're very happy to hire Haskellers (indeed, we already
have a good number of them on board already!)

We use OCaml for running our entire business, supporting everything
from statistical research to systems administration to automated
trading systems.  If you're interested in using functional programming
to solve real-world problems, there's no better place.

Jane Street has a very informal feel --- if you dress much nicer than
a t-shirt in jeans, you'll look out of place --- but it's also an
intellectually challenging place where you get to wrestle with hard
problems and learn about the subject matter of trading, a fascinating
field in its own right.  There's also a strong focus on education,
with both on the job training and a system of formal classes.

We also have a strong commitment to open-source.  We released our Core
suite of libraries a few years back, and we continue to extend the
reach of our public releases.  And we have and will continue to
financially support projects to improve the OCaml ecosystem.

Compensation is more than competitive, and no prior experience with
finance is required.

Here are some resources you can use to learn more about Jane Street
and what we do.

- A talk I gave at CMU about how and why we use OCaml
- Our technical blog: <http://ocaml.janestreet.com>

If you want to get a flavor of our approach to software, you might be
interested in looking at Async, a monadic concurrency library we just


Follow this link to apply:


Yaron Minsky

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