[Haskell] haskell.org 2011-12 committee

Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at earth.li
Wed Nov 23 22:39:31 CET 2011


The haskell.org committee for 2011-12 has been formed:

Edward Z. Yang [term ends 2013]
Ganesh Sittampalam [chair until May 2012, term ends 2012]
Vo Minh Thu [term ends 2013]
Mark Lentczner [term ends 2013]
Brent Yorgey [term ends 2014]
Jason Dagit [term ends 2014]
Edward Kmett [term ends 2014]

As well as two members (Ian Lynagh and Malcolm Wallace) from the 2010-11
committee retiring at the end of their terms, two other members (Johan
Tibell and Don Stewart) chose to resign as they didn’t have as much time
as they’d have liked to commit and we received enough self-nominations
to replace them.

This does mean a bit more than expected turnover in the committee
membership, but we felt it best to have a committee that can be suitably
responsive in the future. We’d like to thank all the departing members
for their service to the committee as it got started.

We’ve also tracked down the details of our accounts for the last year,
so we will post something about that as previously promised, as soon as
we have time to write the information up for presentation.

Our main priority for the coming months will be to finally settle the
incorporation issue.

on behalf of the haskell.org committee

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