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Edward Amsden eca7215 at cs.rit.edu
Tue Nov 22 00:25:48 CET 2011

Are you hiring for internships at all?

On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 5:23 PM, Peter Braam <peter.braam at parsci.com> wrote:
> Parallel Haskell Programmers
> Parallel Scientific, LLC is a Boulder, CO based early stage, but funded
> startup company working in the area of scalable parallelization for
> scientific and large data computing.  We are implementing radically new
> software tools for the creation and optimization of parallel programs
> benefiting applications and leveraging modern systems architecture. We build
> on our mathematical knowledge, cutting edge programming languages and our
> understanding of systems software and hardware.  We are currently working
> with the Haskell development team and major HPC laboratories world wide on
> libraries and compiler extensions for parallel programming.
> Parallel Scientific was founded by Dr Peter Braam in 2010.  Peter formerly
> taught mathematics and computer science at Oxford and Carnegie Mellon.  Then
> he contributed file systems to Linux and invented Lustre (which provides
> storage to 9 of the top 10 systems in the world). He ran several successful
> startups, and Parallel Scientific is run by an very experienced management
> team and board.
> Successful candidates can in some cases work remotely and will work in a
> modern virtual environment.  We provide training in advanced processes for
> software design and implementation and domain specific knowledge.
> Required skills:
> Very strong background in computer science or mathematics
> Experience with Haskell
> Knowledge of systems programming and operating systems functionality
> Knowledge of system architectures, such as high performance networking,
> memory architectures, multi and manycore CPUs and GPGPUs
> Experience with performance tuning of parallel or concurrent algorithms
> Experience designing and implementing concurrent or parallel programs
> Experience in one or more of the following areas is desirable:
> Experience with Haskell compiler technology
> In depth knowledge of core Haskell libraries for parallel programming (NDP,
> REPA etc)
> Experience in the area of middleware algorithms for data flow programming,
> graphs, cloud based data analytics, or sparse matrices
> Domain specific knowledge in scientific programming areas related to
> irregular and sparse problems, e.g. data analytics using graph analysis,
> genomics, tightly connected numerical analysis
> Experience with performance tuning for parallel applications on multi core
> systems (e.g. with the Intel toolkit), for GPGPU's using Cuda/OpenCL or with
> MPI/OpenMP on clusters of SMPs
> To apply, please send a resume to jobs at parsci.com.
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