[Haskell] Gtk2Hs 0.12.2 released, looking for part-time maintainer

Axel Simon Axel.Simon at in.tum.de
Sun Nov 13 23:45:29 CET 2011

Dear all,

I am very grateful to Duncan who put a lot of effort into adjusting Gtk2Hs to work with GHC 7.XX which resulted in the release of Gtk2Hs 0.12.1 which was not widely announced. Since then two bugs in Pango and Cairo were fixed and I’m now happy to announce the release of Gtk2Hs 0.12.2.

New in this (and Duncan’s) release:

- compiles with GHC 7.XX
- works with the binary Gtk+ packages on Windows without the need for Msys/MingW
- more robust CPP detection under Windows
- Gtk+ on Aqua working on Mac
- a serious performance bug in Cairo rendering due to Double to CDouble conversion fixed
(reported and fixed by Eugene Kirpichov and Felipe Lessa)
- typesetting paragraphs manually using PangoItem now works as expected
(reported by Brandon Moore)

Many thanks to Duncan, Brandon, Eugene and Felipe!

On a different note: I've been managing Gtk2Hs for a decade now with more or (all too often) less enthusiasm. I've received many, many patches and major help form various people for which I am very grateful. Indeed, there have been several people who rode along for a year or so to do major development work but then moved on to other projects which is of great value. However, it took over half a year to get Gtk2Hs to compile with GHC 7.XX which only happened because Duncan Coutts saved the day.

I myself am not a user of Gtk2Hs and I find it difficult to find the time to improve it. Asking for a maintainer for the next decade is likely to scare off anybody, so I'm not even trying. Instead, I would like to ask if people would like to take over maintainership for a year, that is, two releases, after which I will search for somebody new. During this time, I will certainly be around, so it won't be you and 90000 lines of code!

A simple email saying that you might be up for it would be appreciated. I will then contact you when time comes.


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