[Haskell] poetry

David Harley dth.tss at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 06:44:54 CET 2011

Has anyone else ever come across this text?

As on I walked, a comfort seemed to touch
A heart that had not been disconsolate
Strength came where weakness was not known to be,
At least not felt; and restoration came,
Like an intruder, knocking at the door
Of unacknowledged weariness. I took
the balance in my hand and weighed myself.
I saw but little, and thereat was pleased;
Little did I remember, and even this
Still pleased me more; but I had hopes and peace
And swellings of the spirits, was rapt and soothed,
Conversed with promises, had glimmering views
How Life pervades the undecaying mind,
How the immortal Soul with God-like power
Informs, creates, and thaws the deepest sleep
That time can lay upon her; how on earth,
Man, if he do but live within the light
Of high endeavours, daily spreads abroad
His being with a strength that cannot fail.

I always think it could/should have been written by a Haskell programmer,  
but I assure you it wasn't,
although there is an uncanny coincidental historical connection.

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