[Haskell] ANN: hsmagick 0.5

Vincent Gerard vincent at xenbox.fr
Sun Mar 13 22:53:43 CET 2011

Hello Haskellers,

I am currently taking over the maintainership of hsmagick, a FFI
bindings library to ImageMagick.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce the 0.5 release of hsmagick.


Major changes:
* imageToBlob and blobToImage functions using ByteStrings
* Use of ForeignPtr instead of Ptr as memory references representation.

Thanks to Steffen Siering patches, the internal representation has
been changed from Ptr to ForeignPtr. The finalization of ForeignPtr
should resolve space leaks issues.

* destroyImage function is exposed, to release the memory immediately.
* hsmagick builds with GHC 7

The source repository is now hosted on github

Please, do not hesitate to contact me by email or with github for any
questions, requests, bugs, patches, anything about hsmagick.


Vincent Gerard

(Please make sure not to reply to haskell at haskell.org.)

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