[Haskell] PhD Position: Bioinformatics / Graph Optimization

Christian Hoener zu Siederdissen choener at tbi.univie.ac.at
Tue Mar 1 19:23:49 CET 2011


if you know a student interested in applying her or his knowledge in
algorithms (especially graph optimization) please note her or him of
this opening or forward to interested parties.

PhD Position: Bioinformatics / Graph Optimization

We are looking for a Diploma / Masters student to join our group in
Vienna, Austria within the newly formed "InitiativKolleg Computational

The InitiativKolleg ties together groups from computer science, applied
mathematics, physics, and bioinformatics.

Possible topics (in our group) include RNA folding dynamics or
evolvability of metabolic networks.

We offer the opportunity to work within a highly motivated group of
people, with a lot of interesting work being offered. We strongly
encourage independent research, meaning that you have the possibility
to bring your own ideas and carry out your own research.

Our institute is conveniently located directly in Vienna, one of the
cities most worth living in.

Applications should be done via the job center of the University of
Vienna, https://univis.univie.ac.at/ausschreibungstellensuche/
identifier 1800 until March 15, 2011.


For more information, contact Ivo Hofacker ivo at tbi.univie.ac.at

more information about the IK:

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