[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: jhc 0.7.7 is out.

John Meacham john at repetae.net
Sun Jan 30 05:47:20 CET 2011

Announcing jhc 0.7.7! This release fixes a large number of bugs that cropped up
when compiling haskell out in the wild as well as adds some more features. A
major one being the garbage collector is enabled by default.


Changes: (including some changes from the unannounced 0.7.6 release)

* The Garbage Collector is now enabled by default.
* new standard libraries
    * transformers
    * parsec
    * QuickCheck
* report proper errors with line numbers for various issues with compiled code.
* New option '-C' that compiles to C code and stops, useful for targeting other
  platforms or building shared libraries.
* Nintendo Wii added as target (thanks to Korcan Hussein)
* Fix major performance bug that kept WRAPPERs from being inlined in
certain places.
* Typechecking speed greatly increased.
* monomorphism-restriction flag is now respected
* empty class contexts now work
* unicode in haskell source supported now
* Type Defaulting now works properly
* RULES parse like ghc now for compatibility
* 'do' 'where' on same indent now parses
* Build system fixes and cleanups
* irrefutable lambda pattern bindings desugar properly now.
* GHC parsing regression tests have been ported to jhc, helped find
and fix many bugs.
* Certain optimizations would discard RULES, these have been fixed.
* Removed quadratic behavior in optimizer, speeds things up noticibly.
* Garbage collector improvements, caches are pre-initialized.
* Fix shiftL/R implementations for built in types.
* All Num, Real, and Integral magic removed from compiler. This is a very
  good thing.
* improved help messages


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