[Haskell] ANN: hoauth v0.3.1

Diego Souza dsouza at bitforest.org
Wed Sep 22 15:18:53 EDT 2010

Hi All,

I'm pleased to announce hoauth-0.3.1. The major change in this version is
error handling. Instead of using fail, you may now provide your own error
handling function.

Unfortunately I've made changes that make this version incompatible with
previous ones. Although I believe updating to this new version shouldn't be
difficult. Anyway, if there is anyone already using it and are having a hard
time to upgrade please let me know.

In summary, here is the changelog:

* Error handling
* RSA-SHA1 authentication method is available again;
* bugfix: curl httpclient implementation hanging when using PUT and POST
* bugfix: curl httpclient sets a timeout of 30s instead of waiting forever;
* bugfix: httpclient implementation now ignores SSL certificate errors
[works with self-signed certificates];

As usual feedback is highly welcome!

yahoo!im: paravinicius
gpg key fingerprint: 71B8 CE21 3A6E F894 5B1B  9ECE F88E 067F E891 651E
gpg pub key: http://bitforest.org/~dsouza/pub/gpg-pubkey.txt
authorized_keys: http://bitforest.org/~dsouza/pub/authorized_keys.txt
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