[Haskell] New haskell.org server

Ian Lynagh igloo at earth.li
Thu Sep 9 13:47:12 EDT 2010

Hi all,

We will shortly be replacing the haskell.org server with a more modern,
commercially hosted machine. For now, the new server is available as

The ghc, hugs and nhc98 websites have been copied across, and there is a
copy of the wiki (although that will be resynced when we change
servers). We will also be moving the mailing lists at changeover time.

        ***   If you know of anything else that haskell.org   ***
        ***  does, and should keep doing, please let us know  ***
        ***            now or it will break soon!             ***
        ***                                                   ***
        ***     If you have anything else on haskell.org,     ***
        ***          please find it a new home now!           ***

Note that if there are other services currently running on haskell.org,
this may be a good time to consider moving them to the community server

Meanwhile, we would like to thank Paul Hudak, John Peterson, Mark
Wogahn, the Yale Workstation Support team and Yale University for
hosting, running and maintaining the haskell.org server for countless

We would also like to thank the Haskell Summer of Code team for
providing the funding for the new server, and the community sysadmin
team for agreeing to maintain it in the future.

Thanks also to Thomas Schilling and Ashley Yakeley for getting the wiki
up and running, and restyling it.

Ian, on behalf of the Haskell Infrastructure team.

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