[Haskell] haskell.org downtime: Tuesday Nov 30th

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Thu Nov 25 10:08:51 EST 2010

> We plan to have some haskell.org downtime on Tuesday Nov 30th, 
> while we migrate to the new server.


> If you think something is missing from
>    http://new-www.haskell.org/
> then please let us know as soon as possible!


Just visited, and even the home page had borked layout
and an "under costruction" heading that probably doesn't
belong there (linking to a co.cc site).

I thought new-www was an experimental (mostly static) 
preview, copied long ago. Has it now been updated? Can 
users log in to both wikis? Has new-ww been checked for 
intrusions, given the long preview time? How are the two 
wikis kept in synch? 

Could you please give a few more details about the migration 
schedule and tooling (eg, what automated testing/diffing is in 
place? how does it fit in with the other server move schedules?)?
Is there a central page linking to all migration schedules?

Not that I'm not looking forward to a more stable haskell.org
experience - I'm just a bit surprised about the sudden move,
and I doubt our chances to verify the move without tool
support (some spider that separates content from layout
before applying diff? followed by crowd-sourced manual
checking with tool support for marking suspicious and
checked pages, perhaps?).


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