[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: The Fibon benchmark suite (v0.2.0)

David Peixotto dmp at rice.edu
Tue Nov 9 16:24:26 EST 2010

I'm pleased to announce the release of the Fibon benchmark tools and suite.

Fibon is a set of tools for running and analyzing benchmark programs in
Haskell. Most importantly, it includes an optional set of benchmark
programs including many programs taken from the Hackage open source

The source code for the tools and benchmarks are available on github


The Fibon tools (without the benchmarks) are available on hackage.


The package needs to be unpacked and built in place to be able to run any
benchmarks. It can be used with the official Fibon benchmarks or you can
create your own suite and just use Fibon to run and analyze your benchmark

Some more documentation is available on the fibon wiki


Fibon Tools
Fibon is a pure Haskell framework for running and analyzing benchmark
programs. Cabal is used for building the benchmarks. The benchmark
harness, configuration files, and benchmark descriptions are all written in
Haskell. The benchmark descriptions and run configurations are all statically
compiled into the benchmark runner to ensure that configuration errors are
found at compile time.

The Fibon tools are not tied to any compiler infrastructure and can build
benchmarks using any compiler supported by cabal. However, there are some
extra features available when using GHC to build the benchmarks:

  * Support in config files for using an inplace GHC HEAD build
  * Support in `fibon-run` for collecting GC stats from GHC compiled programs
  * Support in `fibon-analyse` for reading GC stats from Fibon result files

The Fibon Benchmark Suite
The Fibon benchmark suite currently contains 34 benchmarks from a variety of
sources. The individual benchmarks and lines of code are given below.

  _DphLib                    316
  Dotp                       308
  Qsort                      236
  QuickHull                  680
  Sumsq                       72
  TOTAL                     1612

  Agum                       786
  Bzlib                      432
  Cpsa                     11582
  Crypto                    4486
  Fgl                       3834
  Fst                       4532
  Funsat                   16085
  Gf                       23970
  HaLeX                     4035
  Happy                     5833
  Hgalib                     819
  Palindromes                496
  Pappy                     7313
  QuickCheck                4495
  Regex                     6873
  Simgi                     5134
  TernaryTrees               722
  Xsact                     2783
  TOTAL                   104210

  _RepaLib                  8775
  Blur                        77
  FFT2d                       89
  FFT3d                      103
  Laplace                    274
  MMult                      133
  TOTAL                     9451

  BinaryTrees                 63
  ChameneosRedux              96
  Fannkuch                    27
  Mandelbrot                  68
  Nbody                      192
  Pidigits                    26
  SpectralNorm                97
  TOTAL                      569

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