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Simon Meier simon.meier at inf.ethz.ch
Sun Nov 7 12:51:05 EST 2010

The blaze-builder library provides an abstraction of buffered output of byte
streams and several convenience functions to exploit it. For example, it
allows to efficiently serialize Haskell values to lazy bytestrings with a
large average chunk size. The large average chunk size allows to make good
use of cache prefetching in later processing steps (e.g. compression) and
reduces the sytem call overhead when writing the resulting lazy bytestring
to a file or sending it over the network.

Note that blaze-builder was inspired by the Data.Binary.Builder module
provided by the binary package. It was originally developed with the
specific needs of the blaze-html package in mind. Since then it has been
restructured to serve as a drop-in replacement for Data.Binary.Builder,
which it *improves upon both in speed as well as expressivity.*

See the following blog-post for more details:


best regards,
Simon Meier
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